Our Partners

East Africa Regulatory Affairs Professionals Association (EARAPA) is nonprofit and non-governmental organization established in 2018 with its main office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and working to open branch offices in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and other EAC member countries.

The East African region has a population of 445,851,742 (data 2019) with nearly 3% yearly growth and hence getting to be potential and attractive pharmaceutical market for pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide.

Hence huge number of pharmaceuticals manufacturers are competing for the market in the region. Despite the fact that many trusted manufacturers are participating in the region, huge proliferation of counterfeit drugs is known to be available in the market due to regulatory loopholes, weak monitoring, ignorance among consumers and loose coordination among national regulatory authorities.

East Africa Regulatory Affairs Professionals Association (EARAPA) acknowledges and supports free consultancy services for those companies who prefer to put their businesses complying to regulatory requirements of respective countries and fights cheaters, counterfeiting and falsifications.

It aims to foster the regulatory information sharing and mutual understanding among the national regulatory authorities in the region. It aspires to collect like-minded individuals to support and share experiences in the regulatory framework of their respective countries. To promote researches in the sector and support policy makers, harmonization endeavors and other efforts to effective regulation of the pharmaceutical market.

We urge to bring the national regulatory authorities of countries to come together and stand hand in hand to achieve their objectives of protecting their people from poor quality products. To be central hub and common media for updates on regulatory measures taken, regulatory alerts, research findings, news and periodic publications in the regulatory affairs of the region.